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External Media

2024 Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society - a talk about Red-crowned and Lilac-crowned Parrots in Southern California with Moore Lab's FLAPP researcher Brenda Ramirez
2024 LAist & AirTalk - coverage on wild parrots and parakeets of L.A., community science, and FLAPP research
2024 California Curated - a blog post on Bear Divide and avian migration research
2024 Los Angeles Times - an article in the climate and environment section featuring the work and researchers of the lab's parrot project, FLAPP
2023 National Geographic - an article featuring wild parrots of L.A. and the lab's parrot project, FLAPP
2023 Los Angeles Times - an article on Bear Divide, a migratory phenomenon of birds occuring in the San Gabriel Mountains
2023 Los Angeles Times - a lifestyle article on parrots of Los Angeles
2022 Los Angeles Times - a lifestyle article on Bear Divide, a bird migratory hot spot
2022 Smologies podcast - host Alie Ward releases a bite-size edit of the 2018 podcast on evolution and Darwinism with John McCormack
2021 Los Angeles Times - a lifestyle article on vintage birds at the Moore Lab
2021 Spectrum News 1 - a news segment highlighting the vintage birds of the Moore Lab
2021 American Birding podcast - host Nate Swick discusses Amazona parrots in Southern California with John McCormack
2019 Stuffed - the lab makes an appearance in an award-winning documentary with our friend and local taxidermist Allis Markham
2019 Science Friday - an article featuring the lab's 3D digitization project of museum specimens
2018 Los Angeles Times - an Op-Ed written by the Moore Lab's director and curator John McCormack about the fire at the National Museum in Brazil
2018 Ologies podcast - host Alie Ward discusses evolutionary biology with John McCormack

Internal News

Birds Take Off

An international team, including Occidental's assistant professor of biology John McCormack, has mapped the "big bang" of avian evolution.

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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Mobility, not geology as previously thought, is the key to avian biodiversity in much of Central and South America, according to new research published today in the journal Nature and co-authored by an Occidental College biologist.

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Feathering Our Nest

Occidental College’s Moore Laboratory for Zoology has received a National Science Foundation grant of $400,000.

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Birds of a Feather

A unique collaboration between the history department and the Moore Lab of Zoology gives students the opportunity to learn what genetics, geography and birds can reveal about the native peoples of Mexico.

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Turtles Share Ancestry With Birds and Crocodiles, Research Finds

They may not be kissing cousins, but new DNA analysis confirms that turtles share ancestry with birds and crocodiles, according to a recent paper co-authored by an Occidental College biologist.

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